Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Walldog Named Don.

Silver Platters in Queen Anne
Lucky for Seattle, Don Rockwell is teaching us some old tricks. This local "walldog" wants you to join his pack this summer, as he paints “The History and Legends of Gospel, Jazz, Blues and Rock & Roll." This is no small task, mind you. Here's a quick visual-- the canvas is a 12'ft high by 80'ft long wall, and will feature legendary greats like Charles A Tindley, Chuck Berry, and Jimi Hendrix. Tail wagging? Read on. 

I've often wondered about the ambitiously painted, dazzling billboards scattered around the city's funkiest spaces. You can't help but admire the "cool factor" mastered on the exterior of Seattle places like Silver Platters, a music and movie store located in lower Queen Anne.  When I recently connected with Don Rockwell, a Seattle muralist, he opened up my eyes to the underground band of artists called "walldogs" that have been painting the sides of brick buildings, barns and outdoor structures for decades around the country.  Does it seem impossible to join the ranks of these old school artists?  Not so, thanks to the don of the dogs...

Adele's album, painted by Rockwell.
This summer, Rockwell will host a series of "mural camps," where participants will learn the fundamentals of creating a mural from conception to completion.  Rallying at Silver Platters, Rockwell's campers will undertake the enormous task of painting history's greatest music heroes, in an outdoor workshop that is sure to catch the attention of the community and then some. There are three sessions available (each session lasts four days), so check out his website or give him a call if you're interested in joining the creative crew. What an incredible opportunity to learn from a master muralist, make art and try your paw as a "walldog."  I can't wait to see this collaborative effort take shape this summer.  Here's some straight bark from the leader of Seattle's pack: "The only mistake is not trying."  So roll up your sleeves and get out there!

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